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If you would've met me several years ago you would not have met the entrepreneurial, healthy, and confident person I am today. Like most guys in their early twenties I was more worried about which bar I was going to for happy hour than I was about financial freedom, health, or personal growth.

At the time I had just finished college and started my first full time job in Corporate America. I was a civil engineer with a bachelors degree and I thought I had the world by the horns. Big salary, laid back job, living in a nice city. Life was "good." But something was missing. Something didn't feel right about the path that I was going down. 

You see everyone else thought I was successful but, I felt miserable. Everyone else seemed to be fine signing up for the next 40 years chained to their cubicle but, I was bored to tears. I felt like I was somebody else 40 hours a week and I got to be myself on the weekends where I spent my free time drinking to much and wasting time watching Netflix. I had unhealthy habits and an unhealthy mindset. BUT, I knew I wanted more. I wanted to travel, spend more time with friends, work on something energizing, and live a LIFE BY DESIGN not a life someone else designed for me.

When I needed it most I was introduced to the right people at the right time. Some incredible mentors gave my the healthy habits I needed badly, the right mindset that changed my perspective, and the right vehicle in Network Marketing that literally changed my life. I was told that if I was willing to commit to these habits, develop this mindset, and follow my mentors' lead for 10-15 hours a week I could create my IDEAL LIFE. And thats exactly what I did.

After a year and a half long journey with many ups and downs I was able to walk in to my boss's office, hand in my two weeks notice and head out for a LIFE ON MY TERMS. Since that glorious day I have traveled to dozens of states, multiple countries, and two continents. I've been able to spend infinitely more time with the people I actually want to spend time with. I've been honored to speaking on stages in front of thousands about my journey. 

AND I've been able to pay it forward by mentoring dozens of people in creating their IDEAL LIFE. That is what I want for you.

I want to hear about your visions and show you that they are possible. I want to teach you all the lessons I've learned so you can do it even faster.

All you have to do is START THE CONVERSATION.